Gunfield Hungarian Vizslas

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Working Vizslas

All our Vizslas are working gundogs here`s a little information on what this entails-
The Vizsla is a HPR which stands for Hunt, Point and Retrieve.
The Vizsla should naturally hunt and point both fur and feather sadly some of this instincs can be lost in breeders desire to breed the perfect show dog!
If you are wishing to work a dog you should ensure that the parents have basic abilty and are not gun shy.
We aim to maintain this abilty with in our breed lines and are lucky to have an excellent team of working dogs who all have natural ability.
Vizslas are trained to flush on command so the game can be shot. they then retrieve the wounded or dead game to hand when asked to do so.. with out damaging it a dog that bruises our punctures game as referred to as hard mouthed .
When hunting the vizsla should quarter going from side to side and making full use of the wind to sent game and find it this is normally a natural instinct but some training is done with puppies to encorage them to form a good pattern and respond to the whistle regarding changing of direction.
We enjoy a variety of activities with our vizslas such as-
* Beating- on shoot day the dog drives the pheasants towards the guns and flushes them in to the air to be shot this activity requires a level of steadynes as the dog must not push on to far a head as it can spoil later drives, young puppies are worked for the first few times on a line for extra control.
* picking up - on shoot day the dog sits patiently at heel and then retrieves any shot game whether dead or wounded back to his handler when commanded to do so.
* Rabbiting- The rabbits are flushed by the ferret and shot, the dogs remain at heel and are used to retrieve the dead or wounded rabbits when asked to do so..
 * Walked up/rough shooting- this is when the handler is also the gun and they walk areas of cover/sides of hedges ect.. and send the dog in to flush any game which may be inside once flushed it can be shot and the dog will retrieve it back to the handler a very enjoyable activity and much less formal.
* pigeon shooting- the gun/handler uses a camouflage tent to called a hide where he cannot be seen by the pigeons when they come down onto the farmers crops to feed they are shot and retrieved by the dog when he is commanded to do so..
 * Duck flighting- this is done of an evening when the ducks are coming back to the water the vizsla job is to retriev all the shot ducks from the water.
* Gundog working tests- we have done some working tests with csutra bramble and sugar baro  and Gunfield latvanyos holdko these tests involve a number of tasks designed to prove a dog is capable of hunting ,retrieving ,being shot over, being responsive to the handler ect..
There are other activities in the hunting field which vizslas are used for such as-
 * Field trials (there have only been two FT CH in the Vizsla breed) Gunfield foxi -owned and handled by S Scott (csutra bramble of Gunfield x Galfrid Grant of Gunfield) gained the 3rd and only placing at her very first FT shortly followed by gaing 1st place at tghe HVS novice field trial meaning she will now have to complete at open level.
 * deer stalking (tracking deer) * Falconry (flushing game for the bird of prey to catch.