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Congratulations to Gunfield Golden Willow and her owner

Willows owner says - A busy week for Willow(Gunfield Golden Willow), 2nd in G1-3 agility at LetsGoManor last Saturday, 1st and 2nd at Supper Hoopers Show last Sunday and smashing her tracking on Thursday.
A very versatile vizsla.

Health all the way!

Here at gunfield we have always taken a proactive stance on health testing and we are pleased to share our latest health testing results.

gunfield Royal flush, hip score 2/2, elbow score 0/0, glaucoma test 0

gunfield Annie get your gun, hip score 4/2, elbow school 0/0, glaucoma test 0

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Eye testing complete for the Gunfield gang

The Kennel club added the Hungarian Vizsla to schedule A for glaucoma meaning that from July 2021 it will be a requirement for reputable breeders to eye test their dogs.
We have finally completed the eye tests for all dogs in our Kennel with all receiving passing grades of 0-2

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