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Prior  to completing the enquiry form -

​1.Please ensure you have researched this breed they are a high energy gundog bred for generations to hunt tirelessly they do not suit full-time workers unless they have a comprehensive care plan in place, popping home during the day is not enough.

 2. Parents of young families  must be  confident they are able to provide the huge amount of time a young Vizsla needs its like having another baby in the house!  Vizslas are also known for rough play biting, jumping up and scratching if this is not correctly managed it can escalate to bigger issues and frighten children.
Please also bear in mind there is no such thing as a pet/family breed line of vizslas this is generally a puppy farmers sales pitch seen to encourage unsuitable buyers to purchase , while Vizslas make lovely family dogs in the right home,  the breed is a Hunt Point and Retrieve gundog and needs to be educated, exercised as socialised as such.​

3. You must be prepared to wait for us to have a suitable puppy for you this can by up to 18 months current estimated wait time is until Summer 2022.

4. You must be able to supply references and/or FaceTime/call until Covid restrictions are lifted and we can resume visits.

​5.You must not be currently on another breeders waiting list or actively seeking a puppy elsewhere .

​6. You must understand completion of an enquiry doesn't not guarantee acceptance you must still be vetted for suitability.

If you have any questions prior to completing this form you can contact us by Email of PM from our FB group


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Blog Posts

Congratulations to Gunfield Golden Willow and her owner

Willows owner says - A busy week for Willow(Gunfield Golden Willow), 2nd in G1-3 agility at LetsGoManor last Saturday, 1st and 2nd at Supper Hoopers Show last Sunday and smashing her tracking on Thursday.
A very versatile vizsla.

Health all the way!

Here at gunfield we have always taken a proactive stance on health testing and we are pleased to share our latest health testing results.

gunfield Royal flush, hip score 2/2, elbow score 0/0, glaucoma test 0

gunfield Annie get your gun, hip score 4/2, elbow school 0/0, glaucoma test 0

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Eye testing complete for the Gunfield gang

The Kennel club added the Hungarian Vizsla to schedule A for glaucoma meaning that from July 2021 it will be a requirement for reputable breeders to eye test their dogs.
We have finally completed the eye tests for all dogs in our Kennel with all receiving passing grades of 0-2

Litter Plans for 2022

We will be having litters from the following females during 2022

Gunfield Spies like us this will be spies final litter

Gunfield Riding shotgun this will be Xenas final litter

Pitypang Saba

Bereki Apaca

Gunfield Annie get your gun

Gunfield Royal Flush

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Congratulations to Gunfield Nordic Beauty

Gunfield Nordic Beauty was placed VHC in her class at CRUFTS 2020.

well done.

Gunfield golden Willow

 Congratulations on a very successful agility outing at the moonlight Agility show.

Earning a second place in agility and a second place in steeplechase.

Gunfield isla de ora

Congratulations On a extremely successful first show

Not only did she win her class but she went on to win best puppy in breed.

Gunfield Nordic Beauty

Congratulations on obtaining a VHC and a 3rd at her first championship show giving her qualification to Crufts 2020

More puppy news

We are pleased to announce Gunfield riding shotgun (Xenia) has been confirmed pregnant

Puppies are coming!

We are pleased to announce thet Kelly is pregnant

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