Gunfield Hungarian Vizslas

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Docking And Dew claw removal


Hungarian Vizslas were customarily  docked by one third of length .

In 2007 the law changed and it became illegal to dock for cosmetic purposes.

Now days puppies will have full tails unless they are going to bonafide working home in which case legal docking can be arranged to prevent tail damage.

The docking procedure is performed by a vet when the puppies are two days old, the only choice we can make at that age regarding suitability is gender.

Dogs that are docked may not be exhibited in the showing where the public pay an entrance fee.

legally docked puppies will have a docking certificate issued by the docking vet.

A fee Is charged for having puppy docked and /or dewclaws removed

Docking can be requested but it can not be guaranteed

.Docking  and dew clawing are subject to vets availability and conformation that the procedure will not compromise the welfare of the litter.

 Dew claws
Resent research has indicated  that leaving dew claws  intact can help prevent arthritis of the carpal.

Dogs are seen to use dew claws to assist them when making sharp turns thus can expose them to tearing but to remove can inhibit stability when turning,

 From March 2020 puppies born at Gunfield will no longer have dew claws removed without specific request a fee will be charged for dew claw removal.

Dew claws are removed before a puppy obtains four days of age by our veterinary surgeon.