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It’s a massive decision for any bitch or dog owner to make to enter into the world of breeding.

Breeding is a massive commitment both in time and responsibility for what you produce.

The financial outlay can be quite considerable as well.



Firstly let’s talk about female dogs so you have a lovely female she is the apple of your eye a perfect family pet a working dog and you want to carry on her lines by keeping a son or daughter of hers.

First consideration would be if you wanted to breed another of her you may actually be better to go back to the person the bred your female in the first place and purchase a puppy.

If that is not a consideration for you and you still want to Go-ahead with breeding from your female the first port of call should be her breeder they will discuss with you any breeding endorsements that may be on her pedigree to prevent registration of the litter they may also be able to advise you on a suitable stud dog to complements your female.

If you’re not in contact with your breeder or your unfortunate enough to have purchased from a breeder who doesn’t offer that type of service you should consider selecting and establish stud owner who can assist you throughout the process do not be tempted to go to the person with a pet dog just because he or she looks nice and sounds cute.

The likelihood is they will be more than one puppy in a litter so you are going to be responsible for the future of possibly nine or ten of the puppies welfare.

This responsibility starts right at the very beginning when assessing genetic’s and insuring you are not combining two dogs which are likely to produce something detrimental to the welfare of their offspring 

The kennel club has a mate to select system which could work out inbreeding coefficient for you to prevent inbreeding but nothing beats having a knowledge of the dogs in the breed and the pedigrees and what potentially lurks unwritten behind them.
sadly that type of knowledge can not be bought it comes from years of of being around the breed hence the need to find an established stud dog owner and take advise from your bitches breeder.

So you now have the approval of the breeder and a stud dog in mind the next stage for you is to consider health testing as an absolute minimum and your bitch will need to be hip scored and DNA tested for cerebellar ataxia and you should also consider things such as eye testing elbow scoring, long-haired gene testing hand HUU testing.

DNA tests are usually non invasive they involve a simple cheek swab being sent off for analysis.

Hip and elbow scoring poses more of a risk to your bitch she will require sedation or general anaesthetic in order to take the x-rays.

Eye tests are Minimally invasive but involve the use of drops in the eye and it’s worth remembering not all vets do it so you need to search for a  BVA eye testing clinic.


These tests of course can be quite costly and a budget of around about £1000 would be expected to complete these tests with regional variations .


Once your health testing is complete and assuming your results are all satisfactory and okay for breeding it’s time to start thinking about the environment your puppies will be born in Reared in.

Your bitch will require a quiet area if you’re home which is warm and free from drafts.

She will require a purpose-built whelping box around 4 ft.² with pig rails to prevent her squashing puppies behind her.

She will require multiple pieces of veterinary bedding that can be washed at high temperatures to remain sanitised.

Other considerations or things such as CCTV cameras so you can observe without being obtrusive.

For the birthing kit You will require lots of clean towels terry nappies are ideal, Puppy stim paste in case you get a weak puppy.

Puppy colostrum and first milk with feeding bottles.

And to put your vet on standby In the event that it Caesarean is required.

Once your puppies are safely with you they will be completely dependent on you for eight weeks this means for eight weeks somebody must be at home 24/7.

The last four weeks are very challenging with lots of noise and mess to contend with.

The workload should not be underestimated it is extremely tiring both physically and mentally.

You should also consider the implications of things going wrong , there are cases where bitches die during whelping or Caesarean meaning the loss of your beloved pet and the need for you now to hand rear a litter of puppies Puppies need feeding every two hours if you have 10 of them you will literally be starting again as you finish it is almost unachievable for one person to do alone so take this into consideration when considering breeding who is going to help you if things go wrong.

Another consideration is veterinary expenses that are unpredicted so not only through the birth process but if the litter of puppies become unwell contract some sort of infection meaning they cannot go to their new homes on time,  are you going to have the additional time and financial means to keep them longer and pay the vet bills.

Finally responsibility should any time in the future when if your puppy is the need of a new home you’re morally obliged to assist with this or you in a position to take back an adult dog that may well at this point have behavioural issues.


And now for the male dog and before considering breeding from your male you must be exceptionally critical and ask yourself what can he offer to the breed?

What is his temperament like is it un faultable What is his conformation to the breed standard like? The ideal way to have this assessed is to show your dog and let him experienced judge form an opinion.

What is his hunting instinct like even if you are breeding family pets you have a duty to maintain the traits of the breed is your dog nervous of gun shot or excessively nervous of loud noise things such as this should exclude a dog from breeding.

Presuming you’ve decided now that your dog is a prime example and it’s going to be a great contributor to the gene pool It’s time to consider health testing health test to consider all hip scoring, elbow scoring, DNA testing for HUU, LH and cerebellar ataxia.

You may also want to consider eye testing and heart testing.

There are also some conditions you can not test for such as immune mediated disorders and epilepsy your dog must of course not be affected himself by any of these and you should chat too is breeder if possible about any known cases in his lineage.

Once your boy has the health clearance he needs you already to go you need to gain some experience of how to read pedigrees to ensure that your dog is not bred to bitches in a detrimental way.

You will also be expected to advise bitch owners on many aspects of the mating process and whelping you should insure you are familiar with the natural mating process and only give advice within your capacity , If you are not a vet do not give veterinary advice.

As accidents can happen and you will be liable for any damage to somebody’s bitch if you are negligent

It is recommended you avail yourself of business insurance.

Once your dog has mated you must be prepared for changes in his temperament it will be fair to say that the innocence is lost he will now have view most canine counterparts as either future breeding partners or competition.

 What this means is your dog is more likely to harass other dogs and bitches out on walks attempting to mount them and it’s more likely to get into punch-ups with other male dogs.

Before agreeing to any mating you must take your moral obligations seriously speak at length to the bitch owner,  are they capable of ethically and responsibly rearing a litter of puppies remember that if they cannot take back the results of their breeding for any reason it will fall to you to do so so are you prepared to acquire possibly another adolescent male dog with behaviour problems.

And a final note should be prepared for the admin involved standing a dog at Stud is classed as a business and you will need to submit details of your income to HMRC.