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Training and advice

Puppies are not born trained or badly behaved what they become as adults depends on their initial socialisation with the breeder and how well you socialise and train them.

A dog learning based on conditioning Pavlov first discovered this by finding that dogs would actually salivate in response to s stimuli (ringing of a bell).

Today training is based around rewarding the correct behaviours and building on them.

Bad behaviours should be ignored as even telling a dog off is providing negative attention and therefore giving the behaviour the reward of getting attention.

Wolf pack theories are not appropriate in training while the dog does still process some dog pack traits we are not dogs ourselves and we should not be mimicking them in training , this type of punitive training is often ineffective.


The kennel club keeps a list of accredited trainers which can be viewed here


We would always recommend you attend a training class without your puppy so you can sit back and observe and ensure you feel the trainer/training is right for you without committing to a full course.


Residential Training

When things go wrong or you simply find you don’t have the time then residential training can be useful.

It is not an easy option you still need to learn to handle your dog and give on-going training on his return , it is simply a starting block.

Residential training is expensive as it requires a large amount of input from the trainer.