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Autoimmune conditions are present in many breeds of dog the Vizsla is not exempt from them
The Vizsla as a breed is considered disposed to VIP .

Typical onset is usually is around 9 months to two years of age but it can affect dogs of any age.

  frequently there is an acute episode of retching, gagging, choking, dysphagia and hyper salivation.

Symptoms include-


difficulty swallowing food and water

muscle wastage around the skull

Inability to open the mouth correctly

Research is being carried out and you can view more details on this condition here

To date the exact cause has not been proven, it is believed to be an autoimmune disorder due its response to treatment.

Be aware but dont panic

There is no doubt that this condition is terrible for affected dogs and thier owners but It is still thankfully  not endemic
Unfortunately there are very few accurate published statistics for the number of cases reported and there will of course be cases that have not been included or mis-diagnosed and as many cases were pre social media many will have gone un detected.
  So we can only comment on what is available to view by the general public.

Here are some statistics taken from the information that has been published.

  • At the date of this article there were 97 published pedigrees of affected dogs going back to 1991
  • In the period of  2010 - 2019 (3rd quarter ) there were  21,647 vizslas registered with the UK Kennel club.


Advise for Breeders

Breeders need to be aware and make well considered breeding decisions to reduce the risk of producing affected progeny.

  • Breeders should never breed from affected dogs under any circumstance.
  •  Inbreeding needs to be low never over 12,5% and the lower the better this however is not fool proof we were unlucky enough to produce a Vizsla who developed VIP her inbreeding COI was  4.8% so well below the advised maximum
  • Mating’s that produce an affected offspring should not be repeated.
  • If breeding from a dog or bitch that has produced VIP care should be taken to access pedigrees of future mates and avoid imediate relatives with VIP
  • If a dog or bitch produces VIP to more than one mating partner of unrelated lineage they should be discounted from breeding.

The Kennel club gives advise on breeding with health conditions that cannot be tested for such as VIP it can be read here.

The Animal Health Trust  have given some advice breeders that physically affected dogs should not be bred from and breeders should not repeat mating’s that produced an affected offspring.

VIP and the Gunfield Kennel

At the Gunfield kennel we are proud to be upfront and honest about health issues so here is the information we have regarding dogs of our breeding this info is correct to the best of our knowledge and was last updated on 17/07/2019

Thankfully the cases of VIP in our lines are very rare, to the best of our knowledge we ourselves have only bred one dog with confirmed VIP (Gunfield Golden Flames DOB  09/11/2003) in 397 puppies bred over a 20 year period.

In addition to our own homebred puppies there have been a total of three further cases produced by dogs we stood at stud again this is during a 20 year period.

Berci produced 291 offspring one was affected

Nador produced 184 offspring one was affected 

Joska produced 347 offspring one was affected