Gunfield Hungarian Vizslas

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Terms of Stud use

Our stud dogs are available under the following terms-

Your Bitch should be registered with the UK KC or the kennel club of her country.

Your Bitch must be hip scored

following the the vizsla being added to schedule A for eye testing in January 2020  both dogs and bitches should be eye tested  within the last 3 years for glaucoma grade 0 or 1 

Your bitch must be between 22 months and 7 1/2 years

Your bitch must not have had a litter in the previous 45 weeks.

You are advised to consider having your bitches elbows scored and her DNA tested for Cerebellar Ataxia these are not however mandatory.

Your stud fee of £800.00 is payable 30 days after the first mating allowing you time to confirm pregnancy.

We will offer you a free ultrasound at our premises 30 days from the first mating.