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BiH Champion Vadaszfai Szipka

Szipka is a Hungarian import from the Vadaszfai kennel he is a champion himself and the son of the famous world winner Vadaszfai Gobe Because pedigree combine some of the top dual work /show dogs in Europe.

Szipka is a smaller sized dog of a lighter russet colouring He still has plenty of substance and bone.

Szipka has a sweet kind temperament

He is very sensitive to those around him and gets on well with people and other dogs.

Szipka  has had a successful show career gaining a BiH Champion title His true love however it’s hunting He has a lovely hunting style and presence and enjoys his work.

Szipka  has been standing at Stud since November 2017 He has produced some wonderful offspring who have made themselves known in the UK show ring



Szipka has been standing at stud in the UK  since December 2018 he has sired 236 puppies in that time.

Szipkas average litter size is 8 with a range of 4-11

Szipkas elbow scored offsrping all have scores of 0/0

Szipkas hip scored offspring all have combined scores of 9 or below

informarion correct as of 09/10/2019