Gunfield Hungarian Vizslas

Breeding for Health, Temperament and Natural Ability

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Xenias Litter
We have just one space available on Xenas waiting list for someone  without a strong gender preference who is looking for a puppy as a pet, work, agility or even possible show.
The pedigree is exceptional it combines the best lines from the UK, USA and Hungary 
parents have comprehensive health test results
puppies are due in November 2019 and will be ready for homing in January

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Future Plans for 2020

We have some exciting litter plans for 2020.
Puppies will be bred from top champion pedigrees with the intention of producing  work, show and companion vizslas.
Parents will be Comprehensively health screened For hip dysplasia, audible heart murmurs, LH, HUU and cerebellar ataxia.
Parents will be in good general health free from autoimmune disorders/skin conditions/epilepsy/temperament issues.
Inbreeding coefficient will be low to minimise risks associated with high inbreeding.
We are looking for active homes where people are at home during the day or have adequate provisions in place for care.
Families with children are welcome but parents must consider this is an active bouncy breed that can prove overzealous with young children.
Potential owners will need to be prepared to wait for us to have the right puppy for your family/activity requirements this can take up to 12 months.
All our puppies are registered with the UK kennel club in full compliance of the kennel club assured breeders scheme requirements and our five star local authority licensing requirements (AWL0008)
If you would like to be considered for one of our puppies the next stage would be to complete an enquiry form  following this dependent on your location you will be invited to come along and visit us  for an informal chat about the breed and to meet our dogs or if you are too far away an there is an option  for us to have a chat on the phone and you to supply a reference instead.

If our litters are not suitable for you there is a list of breeders who have used our beautiful stud dogs to produce a litter please click here