Gunfield Hungarian Vizslas

Health, Temperament and Natural Ability

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We will be taking reservations from suitable future owners for our 2022  litters from around September 2020  subject to references/visits when possible

If our litter plans are too far ahead for you there is a list of breeders who have used our stud dogs  click here


Our 2022 mums to be-


Bereki Apaca of Gunfield

Known  at home as Kelly, Kelly is an import from Hungary she has an outstanding pedigree as you would expect combining some of the top working dogs in Hungary

she was succuesfully shown in the Netherlands obtianing excellent results.

Kelly is a working Vizsla with a great skills in all areas of field work

Kellys temperament is unfaultable calm, kind and loving.

Kelly has a hip score of HD almost free (fci) eye test of PLA 0, DNA tested clear of Longhair gene, HUU and  cerebellar ataxia.




Gunfield Spies Like Us

Spy is a homebred girl with a combination of Hungarian and USA lineage, her pedigree features some of the top dogs from our own kennel , Pitypang and Paradox

Spy is an exceptional working gundog with  natural ability.

Spy has good conformation and could easily be shown if we wished.

Spy has a hip score of 7/6, DNA clear for the Long haired, HUU and Cerebellar Ataxia


Gunfield Riding Shotgun

Xena as she is known at home has an outstanding USA pedigree born here in the UK she is one of only three vizslas of her lineage aprroved for breeding.
Xena is a sweet natured dog very kind and gentle.

Xena has great conformation and type

Xena has a good natural hunting ability

Xena has a hip sccore of 4/3, Eye test PLA 1, DNA clear for longhair, HUU and Cerebellar Ataxia




   KC Registered puppies.

  KC Assured Breeder.

  Local Authority licensed.

  Health tested parents

  Low inbreeding COI

  Treated for parasites

  Socialised using the Puppy Plan

  Vet checked


   Protected by sales contract

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