Gunfield Hungarian Vizslas

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BIH Champion Vadaszfai Szipka (Hungarian Import) 

Szipka is a champion Hungarian import from the Vadaszfai kennel.
He has a lovely kind temperament and is keen to please.
He is a good working gundog who has obtained a hunting exam pass in Hungary.
Hi is hip scored HD A, Elbow scored 0, DNA tested clear for CA, HUU and LH
He is eye tested for Glaucoma (PLA grade 1 tested at 6 1/2 years of age)

He is available to health tested bitches who have a pedigree that complements his.

COI 5.8%



Pitypang frater of Gunfield (Hungarian Import)

Merlin is from the Pitypang Kennel in Hungary

He has an extremely laid back character, kind and eager to please.
He is now retired from Gundog work but has been a serviceable working dog with great natural hunting and retrieving skills.He has a hip score of 7/6, DNA tested Clear of HUU, CA and LH, He is eye tested for Glaucoma (PLA 2 Done at 7 1/2 years of age) 

He is available to health tested bitches who have a pedigree that complements his.

COI 2.3%



HJ Champion Magasparti rutinos Johnnie Walker (Hungarian Import)

Johnnie has most superb placid laid back loving temperament.

He has completed his Hunting and breeding exams in Hungary with good results.

He has been shown with excellent results gaining his HJCH title.

He has a hip score of HD-A, Eyes tested including Glaucoma Clear, DNA for HUU, LH and C A 

He is available to health tested bitches who have a pedigree that complements his.

COI 4.4%



Terms of Stud

In order to use one of our boys at stud  we must check the dog and bitch are compatible and their pedigrees are not too inbred we can do this for you using our own database or you can use  or inbreeding must never exceed 12.5% and significantly lower is preferable the current breed average is 4.2%.

You must also contact your bitches breeder to ensure they are happy for you to breed from your bitch and they approve of the pairing you have chosen.
Your bitch will require hip scoring and eye testing for Glaucoma, You are recommended to also test your bitch for elbow dysplasia, Cerebellar Ataxia , HUU and LH.

You bitch must be the minimum of two years of age and the maximum of seven years, she must not have whelped a litter within the previous 12 months.

Your bitch must be fit and well with no history of being affected by any immune mediated conditions or seizures in her lifetime, you should ask your bitches breeder for any history of these things.

Your bitch must have a suitable temperament for the breed.

We further ask you to commit to placing breeding endorsements upon the registrations of your puppies so you can ensure the same high standards are met should the owners ever want to breed.
You must also be understanding of the commitment, time and cost involved in correctly rearing puppies and vetting future owners and providing owners with ongoing support.

Stud fees are payable on the day of mating or pick of the litter by arrangement.

Bitch owners should familiarise themselves with current licensing regulations and discuss with their local authority if they need a license. 


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