Gunfield Hungarian Vizslas

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Pitypang Frater of Gunfield (Imp Hun)

Merlin as he is known at home is an older dog now (8 years old) he is however still available at limited stud to suitable bitches.
Merlin came to us from Hungary as a puppy he has proven himself to be an excellent working gundog and a kind, calm and sweet natured pet.

As you would expect his linage is superb combining some of the pet show/working lines alongside temperament

Merlin is fully health tested  hips 7/6 DNA CLEAR of HUU and Cerebellar Ataxia and he does not carry the longhaired gene.
Merlin has been glaucoma tested at the grand old age of 7 1/2 receiving a borderline 1/2 

Merlin has produced som outstanding offspring we have a daughter of his Gunfield Spies Like us who is one of our best working dogs.

Merlin is still a fit and fertile dog showing great fertitilty during 2020 he sired litters of 13 and 14 puppies!

If you would like to use Merlin as a stud dog please complete an enquiry form


Merlin has stood at stud since February 2014 he has had 297 puppies in that time

Merlins average litter size is 8 with a range of 2-12

Merlins elbow scored offspring all have 0/0 elbows