Gunfield Hungarian Vizslas

Breeding for Health, Temperament and Natural Ability Since 1999

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 Firstly you must plan ahead we work around 18 months ahead with our plans, our waiting list for 2021 is already full.

We do not keep a long list of names,  we receive around 65 requests a week to join our waiting list if we were to just write names down we would have a long faceless list of people that we may never have a puppy for.
We prefer to keep a shortlist of people that we form a more personal relationship with and who we can assure will be able to get a puppy within the timescale we have advised

In order to join our waiting list you will need to do the  following three things until all three things have been completed you are not on our waiting list.


1. Complete a reservation form on line a link to this will be sent you after your initial enquiry is completed and we feel the details you have given mean your home is suitable.


2. Either visit us in person at our home in Sutton Bonington by appointment or complete a reference form which we will supply you after your initial enquiry.

3. Pay your fee to join the waiting list this is deducted from the overall cost of your puppy at completion.