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Breed General Questions

 What colours do Vizslas come in?

Basically, one colour termed as Russet Gold shades may vary from light to dark

What is a Hunt point and retrieve -HPR

 HPR stands for Hunt, Point and Retrieve breeds like pointers, Vizslas, Brittanies and Weimeraners are all HPRs. When they are used as gundogs, they hunt the terrain and use their nose to find birds indicate them by pointing  then retrieve them once shot.
While the basic instincts are natural training is required.


 Can HPR s such as Vizslas make family pets?

 Yes they can provided owners harness the energy , intelligence and hunting desires and put them into a constructive way of life, bored dogs can be vocal and destructive


Can you have a vizsla if you work?

Yes and No, the vizsla is not suitable to be left alone for more than a few hours a day so you should only consider tone if you can take them to work with you or arrange reliable day care.


Are Vizslas good with children?

Vizslas  are notably bouncy, nippy and can be dominant in adolescence while they can make great pets with children a significant amount of training and socialisation is required from the owner.


Health Questions

What health tests should a vizsla have?

When looking for a puppy as a minimum you should ensure the mum and dad are both hip scored,  and at least one parent is tested clear of Cerebellar Ataxia.

Other highly desirable tests are Elbow scoring, Eye testing. LH testing and HUU testing.


What is a good hip score?

Hip scores are done per hip with a range of 0 (perfect) to 53 (worst) the lower the score the better.

The current breed average (mean) is a combined total of 12 this is just an average it doesn’t dictate what is the correct score or max score.

Breeders should pay attention not only to individuals hip scores but to those of their parents, siblings and offspring to gain a better picture of the genetics of HD in a line.

Personally, if I am purchasing a puppy I would like to see no more than 10 on any parents individual hip i.e max score would be 10/10 total 20.
If a dog is close to the max the other parents should be low scoring from low scoring lineage

Please visit our Hip scoring information page

Puppy questions

Do I need a KC registered puppy?
Yes absolutely KC while no a guarantee over perfect breeding is a important box ticked by responsible breeders  please refer to our dos and don’ts page for more information


How long does it take to get a puppy?
This can vary dramatically some of the better-known respected breeders can have waiting lists of a year plus
Generally, all responsible breeders plan ahead forming waiting lists before mating their female so expect to wait.

Concentrate on finding the right breeder rather than a puppy to fit a time scale


What age is a puppy ready for their new home?

Never 8 weeks and preferably before 10 weeks


What should I pay for a puppy ?

  • Prices are variable dependant on lineage, intended use and region as an estimate-
  • Pet puppy between £1300-£1600
  • Show / Breeding Puppy Between £1800- £2000
  • Part trained dog between £1800- £2000
  • Fully trained dog £3000 plus

A word of caution the Vizsla is a dog thats intelligent enough to weigh up the abilities of a handler and any given circumstance often fully trained dogs do not  behave as such once taken to a new home.
You will rarely see a resposible breeder advertising  fully trained dogs.