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Prior  to completing the enquiry form please ensure you have read when our next litter with availability will be details are on our puppy page,  it will often involve a 12 -18 month wait at pesent our next availability is Spring to summer 2022

We are playing our part in helping combat COVID 19  and therefore will not be scheduling any visits until August 2020  Or later.

On submission of this form if you if circumstances sound suitable for Vizsla ownership you will be supplied with a  copy of our terms of sale, a reservation form and a reference form.
You will be given the option to dicusss things by email, facetime or phone call.

Submission of a form doesn't equal automatic acceptance onto our waiting list you will be subject to vetting for suitability. 

We will be scheduling visits  late summer /Autumn  for those who are on the list and wish to visit.

Our waiting list is full until 2022

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Blog Posts

Congratulations to Gunfield Nordic Beauty

Gunfield Nordic Beauty was placed VHC in her class at CRUFTS 2020.

well done.

Gunfield golden Willow

 Congratulations on a very successful agility outing at the moonlight Agility show.

Earning a second place in agility and a second place in steeplechase.

Gunfield isla de ora

Congratulations On a extremely successful first show

Not only did she win her class but she went on to win best puppy in breed.

Gunfield Nordic Beauty

Congratulations on obtaining a VHC and a 3rd at her first championship show giving her qualification to Crufts 2020

More puppy news

We are pleased to announce Gunfield riding shotgun (Xenia) has been confirmed pregnant

Puppies are coming!

We are pleased to announce thet Kelly is pregnant

All quiet for now

Today  marks a very quiet day for us the first day in a number of weeks that we are puppy free.

The puppies are settling well  and it is always a nice time for us to sit back and watch the benefits of our hard work integrate into their new homes as always extremely privileged to have such lovely…

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 October 2018 it became law for people who breed more than two litters of puppies to have a local authority license.

I am pleased to say we have passed our inspection with the highest standards and we are the holders of a five star license 

New Website

Welcome to our new website it is still work in progress.
If you spot any errors please let Katy know

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Puppies Planned

We have puppies planned for 2020

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