Gunfield Hungarian Vizslas

Breeding for Health, Temperament and Natural Ability

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Books to read

The complete Vizsla owners guide by Margaret Davies ISBN-13: 978-1910915127


The Hungarian Vizsla by G Gottlieb -  ISBN: 0947647090 & The Hungarian Vizsla second edition.


The Complete Vizsla by Gay Gottlieb - ISBN: 0876053770


Vizslas (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual) Chris.Pinney


Hungarian Vizsla by Robert L white


Versitile Vizsla by Marion I. Coffman


Vizslas by Ernest E Hart


Dog Training for Dummies by Jack Volhard & Wendy volhard


The Practical Dog Listener: The 30-day Path to a Lifelong Understanding of Your Dog  by Jan fennel


Dog Listener, The [E-BOOK: ADOBE READER]  
Jan Fennell (Author)


The Versatile Gundog: Training HPRs for Gun, Rifle and Hawk  by Guy Wallace


Robinson's Genetics for Dog Breeders  by Roy Robinson


DOG BREEDING:guide to mating and whelping by Kay White


  Book of the Bitch  by JM Evans & Kay White


Hunt-Point-Retrieve Dogs for Work and Showing - By Nigel Dear

Blog Posts

All quiet for now

Today  marks a very quiet day for us the first day in a number of weeks that we are puppy free.

The puppies are settling well  and it is always a nice time for us to sit back and watch the benefits of our hard work integrate into their new homes as always extremely privileged to have such lovely…

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 October 2018 it became law for people who breed more than two litters of puppies to have a local authority license.

I am pleased to say we have passed our inspection with the highest standards and we are the holders of a five star license 

New Website

Welcome to our new website it is still work in progress.
If you spot any errors please let Katy know

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Puppies Planned

We have puppies planned for 2020